Bulgari Hotel London

Acquisition and Asset Management of 84-room Bulgari Hotel London

$500m acquisition of the Bulgari hotel  on-behalf of a family office from Abu Dhabi and the implementation of a subsequent Asset Management plan

Key Investment Plan Implementation Highlights:

  • Execution of the DD and acquisition within 45 days in a complex London Knightsbridge market where the seller were based in challenging jurisdiction of Saudi and Spain and the property was set up as Propco being based in Guernsey and OpCo in the UK
  • Secured $350 senior debt from a Middle Eastern Bank
  • Developed and Implemented the Asset Management Plan that entailed:
  • Revision of the Senior Management Structure
  • Develop and Implementation of the F&B Repositioning Plan
  • Develop and Implementation of the Profit Improvement Plan

Role : Lead the due diligence and acquisition. Spearhead the development and implementation of the Asset Plan (2016)

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