Client Confidential - Roadmap Definition

Roadmap definition for the growth strategy of a leading hotel operator with over 250 branded properties around the globe (client confidential)

The client’s future growth strategy centred on a complete change to its expansion approach - shifting growth from one where operated hotels were principally owned/leased to management contract-based growth. This required a significant change to the internal processes and the mind set/culture across the entire organisation.

A critical first step in the assignment was identifying and understanding the “as-is” of the company in order to ascertain where changes would be required and how they could be implemented so the group could achieve its new strategic direction. Worked in close collaboration with the client over a six-month period developing the processes and establishing the implementation roadmap that would allow the company to successfully undertake its new direction. It focused on all main areas of the company, including:

  • Board of Directors
  • Operations
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Internal asset management
  • Purchasing
  • Development

Role : Lead the advisory team throughout the relationship

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